The Silk Road’s Biggest Mystery.

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The Silk Road marketplace was front runner for dark web narcotics trade. The criminal case of Ross Ulbricht was mind-boggling and filled with twists and turns, but one question remains…

444,000 Bitcoin Are Still Completely Missing

What many people don’t know about the Silk Road story, is that the balance sheet does not add up, and everybody just seems to be okay with this fact.

Generally speaking you don’t close a case with $4.8B just unaccounted for and this remains the silk road’s greatest mystery as nobody can answer this simple question.

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During its operation, the Silk Road generated about 1.2 billion dollars over its 1.0 two-year existence and collected $80 million in commissions.

But here is the thing…

When the site was shut down and Dread Pirate Roberts (Ross Ulbricht) was caught, the FBI had full access to the backend of the website.

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They had full control over the mastermind (dashboard) section of the website and when the press release finally came about only 173,991 bitcoin was ever seized.

If you take a look at the incoming bitcoin flows it appears that Ross Ulbricht didn’t receive any bitcoin during May, June, and September.

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So was DPR using a different computer during this time?


This question must be asked, because that 144,000 that was initially seized, was found on Ross’ laptop.

This occurred when the feds caught him at a public library.

Another computer seems likely, as it is common practice to not put all your wealth in one place.

So where is DPR’s hidden treasure?

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Ever since Ross was put behind bars for two life sentences, not a single mention of this missing money has been brought up at any of his defense hearings.

While Free Ross’ claims that there were multiple users running the site under the name Dread Pirate Roberts, none of the claims this organization will lead you to believe have any evidence to support that theory.

Mount Gox

The most likely candidate to have a least some of that money would be Mt Gox.

They lost over 650,000 bitcoin from their exchange in one of the most devastating hacks known to the crypto space.

Mount Gox was an early bitcoin exchange that housed large sums of money for customers and likely Ross was at least one of their larger customers.

It is worth noting that owner of Mt. Gox made a deal with the feds to aid in the investigation of the Silk Road.

Mark Karpeles (CEO of Mt. Gox), was believed to be Dread Pirate Roberts at one point in the investigation.

The big question here is whether or not those funds were held on the exchange.

It’s unlikely that all 444,000 bitcoin was on the exchange though.

On a side note, Ross Ulbricht was waiting to cash out until he could get foreign citizenship to store funds offshore.

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