DueDEX exchange doxxes former employee (Crypto-BitLord) and faces new scrutiny

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Crypto_Bitlord is a household name for those that are active on Crypto Twitter. There are several allegations coming from him after his partnership with DueDex was cut earlier this month after Bitlord claimed his trading account was seized. He could no longer open positions.

When confronting the owner about this, he was quickly laid off. Thursday Morning, the CEO wrote an article clarifying the situation. In other words, trying to reverse the brand damage that was just caused.

In the article, he leaked BitLord’s real name as “Randall”.

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This isn’t the first time DueDEX has been involved in a scandal.

In 2019, they were exposed for having sections of their website copy and pasted from larger websites. In other words, their website is plagiarized by competition. Not a good look!

This story is ongoing, and I will continue to update everyone on any further events that take place!

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