Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong declared on Thursday that the company would add the popular novelty cryptocurrency Dogecoin in the near future.

“We plan to list Doge in the next six to eight weeks,” said Armstrong on an earnings call following the company’s formal release of its first quarter earnings.

The Doge announcement came in response to a query from a crypto user named Jordi Y who had asked about it on a Reddit-style forum where Coinbase had solicited questions from its investors. The forum invited others to “upvote” others’ questions, and the Doge one proved most popular.

The Dogecoin has…

The availability of cheap, cryptocurrency-collateralized loans is growing unsustainably and will likely induce a major crisis in the near future.

As blockchain technology grows in popularity, many crypto investors are looking towards crypto lending platforms to stake their funds and earn interest. Under the surface, there are massive risks, scandals, and dangers associated with this new and unregulated industry.

After doing extensive research into the crypto projects currently on the market, I’ve made a remarkable discovery. Around ~96.5% of projects that call themselves “decentralized” or “DeFi” actually have many centralized aspects built in place. …

Though JPMorgan Chase will reportedly offer a bitcoin fund for wealthy clients, chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon still isn’t personally sold on the cryptocurrency.

“I’m not a bitcoin supporter,” Dimon said during The Wall Street Journal CEO Council summit on Tuesday. “I don’t care about bitcoin. I have no interest in it.”

“On the other hand, clients are interested, and I don’t tell clients what to do,” he said.

“Blockchain is real. We use it,” according to Dimon. …

The majority of Bitcoin’s mining operations currently take place in China, which has brought on many concerns for investors over the years.

These concerns have come to fruition after the Chinese government announced that cryptocurrency mining may be set for stricter supervision in the future after concerns about the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining in particular.

The Asian superpower issued an “urgent notice” for the relevant authorities to carry out a thorough assessment of the different data processing centers where Bitcoin and other cryptos are mined on 27th April. …

Major cryptocurrency company Ripple has not given up on its plans to go public despite its ongoing legal battle with United States regulators, according to SBI Group’s CEO.

Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of Japanese financial giant SBI Group, claimed that Ripple plans to become a public company after the firm settles a legal action brought against it by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Speaking on a Wednesday earnings presentation call, Kitao said that both Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and executive chairman Chris Larsen are planning to take Ripple public:

“After the current lawsuit, Ripple will go public. The current…

German financial oversight warned investors that Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, likely violated securities rules when it launched stock token trading, as part of a crackdown on the crypto industry’s foray into highly regulated markets.

Bonn-based BaFin publication a note on its website Wednesday afternoon indicating that the Tesla, Coinbase and MicroStrategy stock movement tracking tokens represent securities requiring a prospectus that has not yet been issued.

BaFin points out that such a violation constitutes a criminal offense punishable by a fine of up to 5 million euros or 3 percent of the last annual turnover of…

Over the last several months, a common narrative that has been forced into the minds of almost every crypto investor is the idea that institutional investors are rushing to buy up all of Bitcoin’s supply.

I’ve always been skeptical of this, and upon doing intensive research into this topic, I’ve noticed that barely any companies even hold Bitcoin.

While retail investors account for nearly 95% of Bitcoin’s entire supply, companies hold less than 6%, and most of them have average buy-ins far below $10,000. We haven’t seen an increase in BTC demand from institutional investors for several months.

MicroStrategy Dumping Bitcoin

Michael Saylor…

Eun Sung-soo, head of South Korea’s chief financial services regulator, said no crypto exchange had applied for its VASP license.

The head of South Korea’s financial regulatory agency has created controversy by saying all the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges could be shut down in September.

During a meeting of the National Assembly’s policy committee on April 22, Eun Sung-soo, chair of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), said the agency has yet to receive any Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) applications required under a recently amended law going into effect later this year.

“There are an estimated 200 cryptocurrency exchanges in the…

A Turkish cryptocurrency exchange is offline and its CEO has reportedly gone missing, leaving thousands of investors worried that their funds have been stolen.

Thodex, a crypto firm based in Turkey, said its platform has been “temporarily closed” to address an “abnormal fluctuation in the company accounts,” according to a translated statement on its website.

Local media reports say that Faruk Fatih Ozer, Thodex’s founder, has flown to Albania, taking $2 billion of investors’ funds with him. Demiroren News Agency published a photo of what it said was Ozer leaving Istanbul Airport.

A lawyer who filed a criminal complaint against…

Top OneCoin figure Le Quoc-Hung has returned with a vengeance — using OneCoin’s channels to promote a virtually identical Ponzi scheme called OneLink.

Le Quoc-Hung, a key figure in the notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme, has launched a new crypto Ponzi scheme — OneLink

Since joining the scam in 2014, Quoc-Hung, also known as Simon Le, allegedly recruited thousands of investors into OneCoin from his home country of Vietnam — before becoming a significant player and recruitment ‘captain’.

According to media outlet, BehindMLM, Le positioned himself and the captain of OneCoin’s OneLife network after the scheme’s co-founder, Konstantin Ignatov, was arrested…


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